Arms list posted on Internet: report

By Joseph Yeh, The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — A lawmaker has questioned military discipline and security measures after supposedly confidential military information from an outlying frontline island was posted on the internet, a local newspaper said yesterday.

The military equipment inventory has specifically pointed out all armaments listed under an Army troop stationed on offshore Matsu island’s Jyuguang Command (馬祖陸軍莒光地區指揮部), the Chinese-language United Evening News said yesterday. According to the newspaper report, Lawmaker Hsueh Ling, of the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), alleged that soldiers have taken photographs of the supposedly confidential inventory and posted it on the internet, raising concerns about military discipline. The military said yesterday that they have conducted an initial probe, adding that the the inventory is not confidential. It added that it will continue investigating the incident.

The list of weapons includes a multiple grenade launcher, several T-91 rifles, some M249 light machine guns as well as some wartime communication devices, the report said. The list also states that many of these weapons and equipment are not combat ready, it added.

Hsueh said the latest incident exposed a serious loophole in the military’s security controls, the news report said. Mainland China is only kilometers away from Matsu, Hsueh said, and is a frontline island and the most forward defensive line for the country.

The military also pledged that measures will be taken to reinforce military discipline regarding military information and tighten security control within the army.