ROC Special Forces to be featured on Discovery


TAIPEI–Taiwan’s special operations forces will be featured in a Discovery Channel program to be broadcast later this year, the result of the first cooperative project between Taiwan’s military and the international channel.

The program will unveil stories behind the rigorous training regimens faced by the Army’s aviation special operations force, naval underwater operation unit and Army combat frogmen, the channel said in a recent statement.

To film the program, the production crew traveled to the Special Forces training camp in Taichung, a naval base in Kaohsiung, and, most recently, the outlying county of Kinmen, the channel said.

Among the highlights of the coverage of the Army frogmen’s arduous training in Kinmen were their long runs in cold weather and efforts to develop underwater combat capabilities in cold water, the statement said.

The channel said it has previously produced similar programs focusing on the United States Navy’s Sea, Air, and Land teams.

The program on Taiwan’s military is scheduled to premiere in the second half of the year.