A dreamer seeks marks of faith in Taiwan

By Mark Cooper

With humble beginnings, I learned how hard it is to make it in America as a small-business owner. After a while of beating down the doors of companies, I realized that maybe it’s just time to see something different. So I set off on a soul-searching trip by going to Taiwan. In my travels I have experienced what a wonderful, tranquil, and peaceful environment Taiwan has to offer to a dreamer.

Guandu Temple and Longshan Temple were the two temples at the top of my Taiwan to-do list. As a Native American from the Cherokee tribe with culture and tradition running deep within my bones, I strongly believe in family as well as cultural tradition. I noticed in Guandu Temple, a magnificent place given the history and culture surrounding it, a peaceful presence. I planned on tattooing on my body every blessing spell that I received from each temple that I visited as a mark of faith and memory.

I came to Taiwan on vacation to visit these two temples and a few others. While I am here, I plan on enjoying many more fantasies becoming reality.