Nanny whose actions allegedly led to deaths of two kids out on bail


TAIPEI–A nanny who allegedly accidentally killed two babies in her care in a single night Saturday was released on NT$100,000 (NT$3,374) bail by the Hsinchu District Court Sunday.

Police at the Hsinchu County Police Bureau’s Jhubei branch said that a 6-month infant girl was found strangled by a computer mouse wire and was pronounced dead on arrival at a hospital. Another 2-month old baby girl in the woman’s care was found to have been vomiting and choking in her sleep, police said. She also died.

The case prompted prosecutors at the Hsinchu District Court to investigate the nanny, who was found to have been taking care of four babies that evening.

Taiwan currently does not have regulations regarding the maximum number of toddlers to which a caregiver can be entrusted, according to the county government’s Social Affairs Department.

New amendments to the Protection of Children and Youth Welfare and Rights Act, which was passed in 2011, stipulates that the maximum number of infants to one caregiver is four. The new regulations, however, will not become effective until Nov. 30.

The woman’s son, who was also in the house at the time of the deaths, was placed under home confinement.

Prosecutors said they will perform autopsies on the babies to determine the causes of the two deaths.