Hotline launched for report of missing ID cards during holiday

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Ministry of the Interior (MOI) has announced a 24-hour phone service for citizens to report lost or stolen ID cards during the Lunar New Year holiday. People can inform the government of missing IDs through the 1996 hotline or over the Web by inputting their Citizen Digital Certificate information. Both methods guarantee 24-hour service, the ministry said.

According to a statement by the MOI, during the six-day Lunar New Year holiday in 2011, 524 cases of lost IDs were reported to the ministry, an average of more than 87 per day. In 2012, they added, the nine-day holiday saw 1,065 lost IDs, an average of over 118 per day.

The MOI said that those who report their lost IDs will receive instant updates about their personal information, and use of the missing ID will be blocked to prevent them being used for fraud.

The ministry also suggested that those who wish to process household-related registration forms after the holiday go online to reserve an appointment time slot at the Department of Household Registration. The department will be closed over the break, but people should still reserve a slot to avoid an extended waiting period later, the MOI said.

Appointments can be made by entering personal information or using a citizen digital certificate, the ministry added.

During the holiday, citizens who wish to apply for a transcript of their household registrar can still use the KIOSK machine situated in all convenience stores, by inputting their addresses and citizen certificate info.

Household registration services will resume operation only after the holidays (from Feb. 18).