New Taipei promotes hot springs on CNY

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — New Taipei City is promoting hot spring locations in Jinshan, Wulai and Xanshia over the Lunar New Year Holidays as places for bath lovers who wish to fight the cold.

According to the Tourism Bureau, New Taipei City’s geography has produced several quality hot springs, noting that spending time in these places is a good way to holiday with family and friends. The bureau said they have put together hot spring tourist packages that often combine excellent restaurants and sightseeing destinations.

Jinshan’s hot springs were shaped from the tropical areas of Da Tuen, according to New Taipei City. This means the hot waters are overflowing with carbonated minerals which are good for the body. Since Jinshan is close to the ocean, bathers can also enjoy a good view of the sea. The New Taipei City government said bath lovers who visit Wulai can enjoy the sodium bicarbonate enriched hot springs, which are refreshing for the skin and help the metabolism. The hot springs have the unofficial name “Beauty Bath.” After the baths, the Tourism Bureau noted that people can take a walk in the historical streets and enjoy aboriginal cuisine.

Last but not least, the bureau said the hot spring locations in Xanshia are full of activities, including hotel resorts, recreational parks and sight-seeing opportunities such as nearby Buddhist temples and historical museums.