Anti-nuclear protest to block Bo-ai Special District


By Joy Lee, The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — A 5-kilometer line will be formed to surround the Bo-ai Special District, symbolizing that the Office of the President is in the danger zone of a potential nuclear power incident, according to the organizer of an anti-nuclear protest.

The organizer said that there will be over a hundred civil organizations joining the anti-nuclear protests to take place nationwide Saturday afternoon. According to the protest organizer, at least 50,000 people will take to the streets to show their collective support for ending nuclear power.

The organizer said that the number of people registering to participate in the protest was more than the number they expected.

Green Citizens’ Action Alliance (GCAA) said that in North Taiwan, there will be 309 volunteers and protest participants will surround the Bo-ai Special District with a 5-kilometer red warning line called “stop dangerous nuclear power.”

“The line is to symbolize the fact that the Office of the President is actually included in the area that will be affected by a potential nuclear power incident,” said the GCAA.

After the protest, the GCAA said, there will be speeches and performances from celebrity protesters such as film director Ko I-cheng (柯一正), playwright Hsiao Yeh (小野) and Wang Fu (旺福).

The Homemakers United Foundation (HUF, 主婦聯盟環境保護基金會) said that in central Taiwan, the protesters will be divided into six teams: parents and children, culture and creative people, nongovernmental organizations, students and homosexual people.

“Protestors can join whichever teams they wish to,” the HUF said, “and an anti-nuclear rock concert will be held after the protest.”

Citizen of the Earth, Taiwan (CET), organizer for the protest in Southern Taiwan, said that 128 groups have signed up for the protest.

“We expect to have over 20,000 people join the protest,” the CET said, “which could be the biggest anti-nuclear event in Southern Taiwan.”