Canada office discusses emergency management


TAIPEI–The Canadian Trade Office in Taipei held a seminar on the management of emergencies in Taipei Wednesday, during which experts from both sides shared experiences and information on disaster response and preparedness, the office said.

The seminar, which focused on the technology, skills and preparations needed to manage large-scale emergencies, was held in an effort to promote bilateral exchanges in these areas, the Canadian office said in a Wednesday statement.

“With the danger of natural disasters seemingly increased and complicated by the effects of global warming, there is increased impetus for governments and decision-makers to work together and develop resilient plans for every contingency,” the statement read.

Canada’s representative to Taiwan Kathleen Mackay said in the statement that she hopes the participants in the seminar “will be able to learn from the best practices and experiences of other parts of the world, and thus best prepare for the own individual challenges of each area.”