‘Stress-free’ sex service heats up NTU campus

By Joy Lee, The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — National Taiwan University (NTU) said yesterday that the school will increase patrols and enforcement after discovering free sex service flyers on campus recently.

According to local reports, three male NTU students founded a secret club, claiming to offer free sex services for female students as a way to release stress and achieve better academic performance.

Local reports also said that the secret club used the NTU dorms as the location to provide the free sex services. Three female students have thus far received the services.

Dou Song-lin (竇松林), director of the university’s student housing service unit, said that the school did inquire as to the true nature of the services, but the three young men denied ever providing said services. “One of the members did admit to posting flyers on campus,” Dou said, “but the school considers this as personal behavior and it is not against the law.” Dou said that the NTU will only give the members verbal warnings instead of actual punishments.

According to the NTU, the club does not belong to the NTU’s official clubs and only one of the club members is currently an enrolled NTU student. There other two members are an NTU drop-out and an exchange student.

“NTU has an open campus, so many people who are not members of NTU can still post different kinds of flyers and posters inside the campus,” said Dou.

NTU said that the school will assign people to patrol around the campus regularly to avoid inappropriate flyers being posted on campus again.

According to local reports, the secret club named “Bib:Love” provided free sex services for female students who apply and go through an interview. The club members claimed that stress-free sex will help female students to improve their grades.