1-day contact lens sales see growth in 2012


TAIPEI — Sales of disposable contact lenses in Taiwan remained on the rise in 2012 despite the sluggish domestic and global economies, market research company GfK Group said yesterday.

Domestic sales of one-day contact lenses grew 7 percent in 2012, after posting double-digit growth a year earlier, said Alice Lee, a senior analyst at GfK, in a research note.

The yearly increases in the product’s sales outpaced Taiwan’s overall economic growth of 1.26 percent in 2012 and 4.07 percent in 2011.

Lee said one-day contact lenses, which do not have to be cleaned on a daily basis, are gaining favor among consumers because of their convenience and have captured 60 percent of Taiwan’s contact lens market.

Looking ahead, the analyst forecast that sales of the daily disposable contact lenses are expected to grow again in 2013, because the market has yet to be saturated.