HTC official shrugs off Galaxy S IV challenge


TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Galaxy S IV, Samsung’s new flagship smartphone, does not have big breakthroughs and thus does not pose much threat to the new HTC One, HTC Corp.’s chief marketer said yesterday.

“I’m very confident of our products, especially the new HTC One, which boasts many new features,” said Ben Ho, chief marketing officer of HTC. The new HTC One debuted in London and New York in February to generally favorable reviews.

“The Galaxy S III to S IV is just like (Apple Inc.’s) iPhone 4S to iPhone 5,” he told CNA, adding that he saw no big breakthroughs in the latest edition of the Galaxy series.

Ho touted the aluminum casing of the new HTC One, saying that the company spent a decade on overcoming poor reception caused by the material. The metal affects radio frequency and can interfere with a phone’s reception.

In addition, a new “UltraPixel” camera that enables ultra-sharp photo shooting and video recording also “overthrows the myth of mega-pixel concept,” said Ho.

HTC claims its ultra camera can let in 300 percent more light than those found on average smartphones, making the new HTC One ideal for taking pictures in low-light conditions.

Speaking of marketing strategies, Ho said that HTC is now targeting “techmaniacs,” or tech-savvy consumers who crave new features and designs. There are up to 1.1 billion techmaniacs in the world, according an estimate he quoted.

“We will use enough budget for marketing, but we won’t just throw money in the air. Instead, we’ll focus more on social networking websites, bloggers and other digital media,” Ho said.