Suspect spotted in decapitation case; head’s likely identity revealed

By Ann Yu ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Police said yesterday that they have determined the likely identity of a decapitated head and are zeroing in on a suspect.

The decapitated head was found in a trash can in Chiayi on Friday evening, which police said likely belonged to Chen Wan-ting (陳婉婷). The announcement came after her mother was brought in to identify the remains. Local reports said that although Chen would not answer if the head belonged to her daughter, she said the clothes which the head was wrapped in were her daughter’s.

According to the reports, the mother began to sob after seeing the remains.

Using footage from Chiayi, police were able to make out a male suspect loitering at the scene during the suspected time of the head’s disposal.

Police said they have also collected cigarette butts found at the scene as evidence.

Police from the Shueishang Precinct of Chiayi received calls from the Datong Police station yesterday afternoon, who received an anonymous letter signed “a good person” on Friday afternoon, asking the police to help bury the remains of a body at the Shiuan Su Temple.

However, reports said that police did not find a body but instead a detached head near the temple, covered in salt, and with a slip attached that read in Chinese characters “Chen Wan-ting.”

According to police reports, Chen was a 30-year-old woman who resided in the Sanchong district with her brother.

Chen allegedly suffered from mental illness and was filed as a missing person last December.

Police said the crime may have been committed by a close acquaintance of the victim. Police said that finding the anonymous person who mailed the letter to the Datong Police, in the Sanchong Precinct, would be critical in solving the crime as the mailer obviously knew where Chen lived.

The Forensic Center of the New Taipei Police Office said that they have begun analyzing the letter in the hope of finding evidence that may trace the mailer.

While the letter’s destination seemed to be intentional, reports said the return address was wrong.

Other potential leads include Chen’s relationships, her whereabouts after having gone missing, the tool or tools used to decapitate Chen, the rest of Chen’s body and her ties with her family, said the police.