ARM’s CEO Warren East to step down after 12 years at firm’s helm


LONDON–Warren East, who led ARM Holdings from startup to near monopoly designer of smartphone chips, with its processors at the heart of Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy, is to step down as chief executive after 12 years. Group president Simon Segars will replace 51-year-old East from July, the British company said on Tuesday.

Since East, an engineer, joined in 1994, ARM has evolved from one processor product line to be the dominant player in mobile computing, providing microprocessors that run nearly all the world’s smartphones, and around a third of all consumer devices. “After you’ve been doing it for 12 years you do get a bit tired (…) and think ‘Maybe that’s a bit of a brake on the business and somebody else should have a go,’” he told Reuters.

ARM licenses its processor designs to chipmakers including Apple, Samsung, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments. Its low-power processors have enabled it to dominate mobile computing, leaving rival Intel far behind in the sector.