Newborn male-to-female ratio the most equal in 25 years

By Joy Lee, The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Taiwan’s newborn sex ratio for last year was 1.074, the most balanced in the past 25 years, the Bureau of National Health Promotion (BHP, 國民健康局) announced yesterday.

According to the BHP, Taiwan’s global ranking in terms of newborn sex ratio imbalance has dropped from third in 2003 to the 15th last year, which shows a greater improvement than in other Asian countries. “The fertility rate in Taiwan has been increasing gradually and the idea of valuing male children more has also been slowly changing,” said BHP official Chen Li-chuan (陳麗娟).

According to the BHP, the standard newborn sex ratio is 1.06, which means the sex ratio at birth is 106 boys to 100 girls. Taiwan’s newborn sex ratio in 2010 was 1.09.

“Since 2010, the BHP has set up a sex ratio monitoring system to collect the newborn sex ratios at each hospital,” Chen said.

The BHP has also enforced a ban on advertisements that promote sex screening of unborn children since 2010, according to Chen.