US psychologist reveals ‘wellness’ online game


TAIPEI, Taiwan — “Prevention is the only answer.” These were the words of Dr. Isaac Prilleltensky in his keynote speech during the 2013 International Conference on Orange Technologies, March 13, at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU).

Prilleltenskty unveiled a newly invented game, “Wellness in Your Hands,” which was created with a virtual world, where players learn about health and wellness in a fun way and then acquire the ability to lead a happy life.

“I always wanted to build a board game when I was a psychologist, and that was in 1983,” revealed Prilleltensky when asked about his inspiration behind his and his team’s game. Prilleltensky’s interests include the promotion of well-being in individuals and communities.

Currently, Prilleltensky, who is the Dean of the School of Education and Development, University of Miami, has been leading an interdisciplinary team in developing the game.

He explained that being unwell can incur costs such, including disease, financial difficulty, child abuse and anxiety. The total costs of being unwell in America alone have reached trillions of dollars, indicating the serious consequences of being unwell.

“This is why prevention is better than cure,” explained Prilleltensky. Based on statistics during his presentation, he showed that the highest rate of return of human capital can occur when investment on prevention is made as early as possible in human life.