Foreign Minister Lin owns Facebook stock: watchdog


TAIPEI–The Control Yuan — the nation’s highest watchdog — published Friday its latest report on assets and liabilities declared by government officials, which showed that Foreign Minister David Lin owns stock in Facebook.

The report showed that Lin, who assumed his new post last September and made his asset declaration for the first time, is the owner of property in Taipei’s Wenshan District and has savings in multiple currencies totaling NT$9.8 million (US$328,207).

Lin also owns stock valued at NT$8.44 million, including NT$2.9 million worth of Yahoo’s stock and NT$800,000 worth of Facebook shares.

The report also showed that new Premier Jiang Yih-hua declared that during his one-year tenure as vice Premier since February 2012, property was bestowed on him. The property is located in downtown Taipei’s Zhongzheng District. He also declared cash savings totaling NT$7.49 million and multiple insurance policies.