Father of Lin Yi-shih dies at age 78

By Ann Yu ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Lin Sian-bao (林仙保), father of the former Cabinet Secretary-General Lin Yi-shih who is involved in an alleged corruption scandal, has died in Kaohsiung yesterday, aged 78.

According to local media, Lin Sian-bao was rushed to the Kaohsiung Armed Forces General Hospital after suffering chest pains and difficulty breathing in the morning while at his home. Hospital medics said that doctors tried resuscitating Lin for nearly two hours before announcing his time of death at around 11:50 a.m.

His wife, Shen Juo-lan (沈若蘭), was seen crying and following medics on her wheelchair as they wheeled Lin’s body out of the ward. Lin Yi-shih and his wife Peng Ai-chia (彭愛佳) were also seen in the hospital with the family.

Hospital officials said the death was related to heart problems but declined to comment further, citing family wishes.

The family transported the body home for funeral preparations, local media said. A “restricted area” sign was stuck to the front of the door at the home, local media said.

Lin was previously active in politics, appointed as Kaohsiung County Councilor and a Provincial Councilman.

Close relatives of the Lin family remarked that Lin’s death struck them by surprise, suggesting Lin Yi-shih’s alleged bribery case may have hurt Lin Sian-bao’s health, according to the local media.

Former Cabinet Secretary-General Lin Yi-shih was accused of involvement in a graft scandal last year in which he allegedly took bribe money from business owner Chen chi-hsiang in exchange for helping Chen’s company secure a slag treatment contract.

Lin Yi-shih was released on bail for NT$50 million under the conditions that he not travel overseas and report daily to a Taipei police station. In light of his father’s death, the Taipei District Court approved a request to report instead at local police stations in Kaohsiung until April 23. According to the Taipei District Court, a verdict is expected to be reached in the Lin Yi-shih legal proceedings by April 30.