Taiwanese cargo ship hits China vessel near Kinmen


KINMEN–A Taiwanese container vessel collided with a cargo ship from China off the outlying island of Kinmen early Sunday, Coast Guard Administration officials said.

The 1,500-ton Chien Chang, which had set off from Taichung the previous day, put into Liaolo Harbor on Kinmen after the collision at around 4 a.m., the officials said.

The incident, which took place six nautical miles off the harbor, caused no injuries, but a hole above water line and other damage were found on the bow of the container ship, which is registered in Kinmen and which plies the route between Taiwan, Kinmen and China’s Xiamen, according to the officials.

Some 12 crew members from the 2,000-ton Chinese vessel were brought to safety by a rescue ship from China after the captain gave the order to abandon ship.

The coast guard attributed heavy fog as one of the causes of the accident but said that a thorough investigation would be carried out by the Maritime and Port Bureau after the boat returned to Taichung later in the day.