The troika and EU’s actions in Cyprus are a step too far

By reas C Chrysafis, Letter to Editor

Dear Editor, Cyprus has just lost its inherited right to decide its own destiny… Under the present situation brought about by the inability to govern the nation wisely by all previous governments, banking greed, corruption, kommatokratia (politocracy) union intransigence and the absence of the Rule of Law, they have all played a part to bring about the present situation. Troika is now here to devour the soul of all Cypriots, bit-by-bit like cheese in a trap and nibbled. The hidden agenda of the EU has finally been revealed: Cyprus was specifically used as a test case and the bailout was simply a pretext for what’s to come next! EU-troika now has the green light to apply identical conditions on other member states that face similar financial difficulties … Who is this troika that now uses loans facilities as “weaponry” to take over entire nations? That question needs to be kept in mind at all times. As for Cyprus, it doesn’t stop here! There is more hardship on the way. Our natural gas has now become the ultimate trophy for the EU and others. If we fail to take serious precautions and put a stop to them, the troika will make sure to get its hands on those gas fields and a large share of the revenues — just like Turkey wants to! Their long-term plan is to enforce a debtocracy upon the nation through austerity measures and additional loans — loans Cyprus will never be able to repay, just like Greece. This trap is called Colonial Capitalism. It is a geopolitical game of control and will not stop until our EU-troika “friends” ensure we will never escape their economic and social subjugation.

Getting out of the euro and Cyprus returning back to its own currency is a good start and a way to stop EU-troika laying their hands on the natural gas. It is imperative for Cyprus to get out of the euro and the sooner the better. If it wants to survive as a nation and not remain an EU province, it needs to make drastic political and economic changes; getting out of the euro is a good start!

Prominent names such as Archbishop Chrysostomos, Nobel-laureate C. Pissarides, N. Papadopoulos, O. Omirou, A. Kyprianou (AKEL) LIllikas, leading economists and others have been expressing similar views. They all advocate a well-organized exit from this failed institution that has revealed sinister political and economic plans for the small island. There is a very angry mood on the island and thousands are now entering the unemployed, but the EU believes that it’s a price worth paying to save the banks. People are searching for that illusive justice and if a referendum was put to them today … Cyprus will choose not to be part of the EU. Yours truly,Andreas C Chrysafis