3 citizens donate rare O-RH negative blood to save student

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Three enthusiastic locals with the rare O-RH negative blood type yesterday morning rushed to the blood donation center in Hualien to give a helping hand to a female student at National Dong Hwa University, after learning via the Internet of her need for a blood transfusion.

The student, surnamed Lin and studying at the Department of Life Science of Don Hwa University, was rushed to the Mennonite Christian Hospital for treatment after getting hurt on Wednesday night when she rode her bicycle in a railing. As Lin was likely to have a surgery and receive a blood transfusion after being initially diagnosed, a teaching aide of her department soon posted about the need for O-RH negative blood online to help Lin, who has the rare blood type. Later on, Lin smoothly received a blood transfusion at the hospital.

An official at the Hualien Blood Donation Center said that only three out of every 100 people have the RH negative blood type, which can be further divided into O-, A-, B- and RH negative blood types.