Checks continue over Murder Cafe knife

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Prosecutors investigating the double murder near a New Taipei cafe revealed yesterday they had found a weapon, but said more testing would have to be conducted before determining whether it was the knife used to kill the two victims. The Taipei district prosecutors also said they were still trying to determine how many killers were involved in the case. The revelation came in the wake of media reports that the murder weapon had been found with fingerprints of the prime suspect, Hsieh Yi-han, and blood of the two victims on it.

The reports also claimed that Hsieh had already confessed that she committed the crime alone, leading prosecutors to believe that the other three suspects — the owner of the cafe and two investors — were innocent. Hsieh has been in custody since her arrest. The reports followed prosecutors’ move to unseal the cafe at Bali, New Taipei Thursday evening and return it to its owner, Lu Ping-hung, who along with the two investors, Ou Shih-cheng and Chung Feng-tien, has been free on bail.

The prosecutors did not reveal further details about the suspected murder weapon, but explained that the cafe was unsealed because all necessary investigations and evidence collecting had been completed at that location. The bodies of the victims, Chen Chin-fu and his wife, were found separately in a river near the cafe last month after the pair had been reported missing for about 10 days. They were last seen at the cafe, a place they had often frequented. Autopsy results show that they were stabbed to death before being thrown into the river. Justice Minister Tseng Yung-fu, commenting on the media reports about the weapon, said the prosecutors have been investigating the double murder, and he believes the truth will be known sooner or later. But he declined to say whether the latest development has shed new light. The owner of cafe told reporters that he hopes prosecutors will exonerate him and the investors, as he reported to the police station in the morning — a daily trip required under the terms of his bail. Lu said earlier on Facebook that he would return to the store to do some cleaning, but had yet to decide when it would be reopen. Ou, while reporting to the police station, said he has come under a lot of psychological pressure since he was implicated in the case. But he declined to speculate whether Hsieh committed the crime alone, according to the United Evening News. A prosecutor was cited by the paper as saying that as all forensic work at the cafe has been completed, there is no need to restrict access to it, according to the paper.