Environment award winners share experiences

By Jenny Wang, Special to The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) yesterday held a presentation for the first National Environmental Education Award, inviting the six prizewinners to share their experiences of participating in the competition.

The EPA said that the objectives of promoting the National Environmental Education Award were to encourage those who had shown excellence in environmental education, to expand the influence of environmental education and to bring the goal of a sustainable environment closer.

The administration held the nationwide competition in order to popularize environmental education. The six target groups were private enterprises, schools, public sectors, organizations, communities and individuals. The prizewinners were the Education Bureau of New Taipei City, Onyx Ta-Ho Environmental Services Co., Ltd. (達和環保), Chiayi County’s MingHo Elementary School (嘉義縣番路鄉民和國小), professor Sun Yi-min (孫逸民) from Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology (中華醫事科技大學), Kuan-Shu Educational Foundation (觀樹教育基金會) and Yong-An Community Development Association (台東縣鹿野鄉永安社區發展協會) respectively.

Representatives from the prizewinning units not only shared their experiences of promoting environmental education, but also imparted some tips about how to win the competition. Zhang Wei-qin (張維琴), the director of general affairs for MingHo Elementary School, said that the contestants should know the regulations of the competition clearly. In addition to expecting all walks of life to improve accomplishments on environmental education, EPA hopes that the competition can go a step further to integrate with local resources, and cultivate the correct knowledge and attitude toward environmental education.