Facebook campaign seeks to revive military’s image

By John Liu ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — In an effort to revive the armed forces’ image after the death of Corporal Hung Chung-chiu (洪仲丘), a retired serviceman has launched a Facebook campaign calling on the public to pay attention to the merits of the military. The treatment of Hung that resulted in his death has not only enraged the public but has seriously damaged the military’s image around the nation. In an effort to shift the public’s attention back to positive aspects of the military, a retired serviceman launched a Facebook campaign on Friday about a month prior to Taiwan’s Armed Forces Day, which is on Sept. 3. With the slogan “Wear uniforms and camouflage on Sept. 3 to support the armed forces,” the campaign has already garnered around 4,500 participants in three days.

The man behind it all, Peng Shaw-kong (彭少康), is not calling for a parade or any type of mass gathering. Instead, participants only need to take photos of themselves wearing military uniforms or accessories and upload the pictures onto the campaign page. Some have been so eager to show their support through the campaign that they have uploaded their pictures ahead of schedule. Supporters of the campaign range from retired servicemen and women to those still serving in the military and high school students who aspire to serve.