Ma received courteous treatment: Burghardt

By John Liu, The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — President Ma Ying-jeou’s transit via New York in the United States was a harmonious and successful journey, and Ma was not inappropriately treated by the U.S. government, Chairman of the American Institute in Taiwan Raymond Burghardt said yesterday. The president and a delegation en route to a five-nation diplomatic tour in the Caribbean region left the hotel on Aug. 13, New York time. Burghardt was with Ma during his visit in New York.

Burghardt said that Ma’s trip coordination in New York went well, and all the travel arrangements went as planned. Ma’s visit in New York gave Burghardt an opportunity to know Ma better. This is the first time Ma has visited New York, where he once studied and lived, since his inauguration as president, Burghardt said. It has been more than seven years since he last visited his alma mater — New York University — Ma said, adding that it brings back sweet memories of falling in love with his wife, Chow Mei-ching. Since it was the Chinese Valentine’s Day yesterday, Ma made a phone call to Chow while touring on campus. Burghardt said he was not sure how Ma met Chow in New York. However, it must have been a touching story and also showed the good side of the president. Burghardt clarified that the U.S. agreed to all requests made by Ma, and that there were no problems with Ma’s requests.