Guanshan among world’s best sunset locales: CNN


TAIPEI — Southern Taiwan’s Guanshan was chosen by CNN earlier this week as one of the world’s most superb sunset spots, the Tourism Bureau said yesterday.

Guanshan has made the list of best sunset sites because it offers an excellent view of Hengchun Peninsula, a popular tourist spot in the south of the island, CNN said Monday.

“What (Guanshan) has is beautiful hot springs and forests,” said the American news network, which has lauded Taiwanese cuisine and townships in previous reports.

The fact that there are no trains or highways on the peninsula, where the 152-meter-high mountain Guanshan sits, has made the area a paradise for sunset watching, CNN said.

Besides Guanshan, CNN listed 11 other remarkable sunset spots across the world, including the Grand Canyon in the U.S., West Lake in China, Phnom Bakheng in Cambodia and Easter Island in Chile.