Group of civic activists initiates plan to recall lawmakers

By Anna Chang, Special to The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — A new civic group called “Alliance for the Realization of Article 133 of the Constitution” held a press conference yesterday and urged the public to recall lawmakers who support President Ma Ying-jeou. Activists included famous writer Feng Kuang-yuan (馮光遠) and National Tsing Hua University honorary professor Peng Ming-hui (彭明輝). They said it’s the constitutional right of the people to recall lawmakers who do not listen to their voters. The organizers also called on the public to join the recall of lawmakers who support Ma, due to his so-called incompetence in handling national affairs. The performance of the Ma administration has succeed in angering the public, so people should give warning messages to those lawmakers who follow Ma, the activists said.

In order to protect Taiwan’s democracy and prevent the government from stepping backwards, it was necessary for the people to launch recall action against the lawmakers close to Ma, the organization said.

Peng said that Ma was sacrificing almost half of the people to benefit a small group of rich people, adding that Taiwan had already entered an “era of oligarchy.” If Taiwan had no lawmakers, life would be even better, some activists said, adding that they would also launch recall campaigns against Democratic Progressive Party lawmakers if the opposition legislators fail to perform well.