Over 250 suspects nabbed in crime sweep: CIB

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Police have rounded up more than 250 people, including the bosses of 12 gangs, in the latest nationwide crime-sweep, the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) said yesterday. In pre-dawn launched yesterday specifically under “Operation Chi Ping,” police around the nation nabbed 12 gang bosses and 79 of their followers, the CIB said.

In other related crackdowns, police also raided 1,298 premises, and arrested 172 suspects in connection with various crimes, the CIB added. The National Police Agency launched the actions to maintain law and order, as well as preventing young people from falling victim to gangster activities during the summer break, the CIB said. It added that this is the first time a nationwide “Operation Chi Ping” — a usual codename for massive crime-fighting campaigns — has extended to the outlying island county of Kinmen. “Operation Chi Ping” saw police in Taipei round up four suspects allegedly belonging to the “Di Tang” branch of the Bamboo Union gang. The chief suspect, surnamed Su, and his three Di Tang followers allegedly committed a series of extortion cases, the CIB said. In one case, a man sustained serious head injuries after being beaten up by the gang, the CIB said. In New Taipei, the alleged leader of the “Hai Shan Tang” branch of the Four Seas Gang, surnamed Tang, was arrested along with 12 of his followers on extortion and drug dealing charges. Police seized air guns and amphetamines from the suspects, the CIB said. New Taipei police also arrested seven others from the “Ching Tang” branch of the Bamboo Union, including the leader, surnamed Wu, on loan-sharking charges, the CIB said.

In Douliou, Yunlin County, a ward chief, surnamed Chang, was nabbed for allegedly extorting a few firms in the environmental protection sector. In one case, the company owner refused his demands and was allegedly beaten up by Chang’s gangsters. Nine others associated with Chang were nabbed, CIB said. In Kinmen, an extortion gang was busted, with its leader, surnamed Cheng, and five members arrested, the CIB said. In one case, a man who could not pay off his debts to the gang committed suicide, the CIB added. In Kaohsiung, the leader and seven members of the King Kong gang were rounded up for allegedly selling drugs to students and running online gambling operations, the CIB said. In Taoyuan, police cracked down on the Tien Tao Meng gang’s “Bade” branch, arresting its alleged leader and 10 members, the CIB said, adding the suspects allegedly ran online gambling operations. Police in Miaoli, Changhua and Pingtung arrested a total of 23 suspected gangsters, the CIB added.

The CIB said it also conducted its own raids in Douliou, Yunlin County, arresting nine alleged gangsters.