Industry leader presses charges against paternity claim

By Ted Chen, The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Notable industry leader John Hsuan (宣明智), honorary chairman of United Microelectronics Corporation, yesterday pressed charges against a paternity claim in Taipei District Court, according to reports.

Rumors of Hsuan’s initmate relations with a socialite surnamed Lee first erupted last year, with reports indicating that Lee had given birth to a child subsequently.

The trial is scheduled to commence this afternoon. In addition to his accomplishments as a pivotal leading figure in the technology sector, Hsuan is also known for his philandering ways. To date Hsuan has admitted to three extramarital affairs, fathering three children with other women.

In a press conference held yesterday, Hsuan denied allegations that he fathered a child with Lee, while professing his love for his longtime spouse. Hsuan also denied implications that there are more illegitimate children he had fathered who are awaiting recognition, stating that all the children he had helped conceive had been accounted for.

According to reports, Hsuan is armed with compelling DNA evidence proving that he is not the father of Lee’s child. The court is poised to rule in Hsuan’s favor, and annul paternity ties to Lee’s child.

Lee could not be reached for comment, while Hsuan issued a statement through his legal counsel, declining to remark on an ongoing case.