Not walking this way: Aerosmith cancels gig


TAIPEI — American hard rock band Aerosmith has canceled its performance that was scheduled for Aug. 24 at a rock festival in Kaohsiung, Southern Taiwan, according to the band’s official website.

In a news announcement dated Aug. 18, the band said it must cancel two scheduled festival gigs, in Shanghai on Aug. 21 and in Kaohsiung on Aug. 24, because the “local promoter was unable to meet contractual obligations.”

The American hard rock band did not give any details about the contract.

“Aerosmith shares the disappointment of their supportive fans in Shanghai and Taipei and they hope to see them soon,” the statement said.

Lead singer Steven Tyler was quoted on the site as saying that the band is extremely upset at having to disappoint its dedicated fans.

“They have welcomed us into their country and due to uncontrollable circumstances we will not be able to perform,” Tyler said. “We were so excited to share our music with them and look forward to one day returning and giving them the show they deserve.”

Guitarist Joe Perry, bassist Tom Hamilton and drummer Joey Kramer also expressed regret and disappointment that they were forced to withdraw due to “circumstances beyond our control.”

“We’ve looked forward to this for a lifetime,” Perry said.

“I sincerely hope Aerosmith will get another opportunity to come back to Shanghai and Taiwan to play for our many fans there,” said Kramer.

Aerosmith was scheduled to perform this coming weekend at “Rock Sonic Day in Kaohsiung” at the Kaohsiung National Stadium, which has an audience capacity of around 55,000.

The Very Aspect Cultural Group, which is organizing the event, could not be reached for comment.