New Slovakia, Sweden envoys assume duties


TAIPEI — Two new diplomatic envoys took up their posts in Taiwan earlier this month, representing the European countries of Slovakia and Sweden, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) said yesterday,

Slovakia’s new representative is Michal Kovac, a senior diplomat who assumed duties in Taiwan on Aug. 14, the foreign ministry said.

Kovac has expressed hopes of deepening bilateral ties, especially in the areas of trade, technology, culture and education, according to the Foreign Ministry.

Meanwhile, Henrik Persson took office as Sweden’s top envoy to Taiwan on Aug. 15, the ministry said.

“We hope our ties with Slovakia and Sweden will be strengthened,” said Zhang Ming-zhong, director-general of the MOFA’s Department of European Affairs, at a news conference.

Taiwan and Slovakia established reciprocal representative offices 10 years ago and recently signed agreements on e-government cooperation, avoiding double taxation, and other matters, according to the foreign ministry said.