Spouse of reprimanded doctor may file lawsuit against NTU Hospital

By Annie Yang, Special to the China Post

As the scandal of HIV-positive organ transplants rages on, Chen Pei-chi (陳佩琪), wife of Dr. Ko Wen-che (柯文哲) and director of the Division of Neonatology for the Taipei City Hospital’s Heping Fuyou Branch, claims she will resort to legal proceedings if the NTU Hospital continues to deny falsifying documents in which the health care institution announced only Ko was to blame for the transplant error. On Aug. 28, 2011, an HIV patient died after accidentally falling from a building in Hsinchu. Later, the donor’s HIV-infected organs were mistakenly transplanted into five patients, making it almost “100-percent” likely that the recipients are HIV-positive, according to experts.

Yesterday NTUH made a public statement in which they insisted they did not manipulate any documents.

Chen said even though her husband had chosen to forgive the hospital, she would not, as long as NTUH remained unrepentant.

In addition, Chen argued that the document bared false witness against Ko and that NTUH framed her husband, who has reportedly been punished.

Also, she finds it unbearable that the authorities allegedly involved in the falsification of the document and framing Ko have been promoted recently.

Chen stated that Ko has been working at NTUH for 30 years and he has profound sentiment for his colleagues, so he decided not to take legal action against the hospital, adding that she would respect Ko’s decision.

However, she claimed that she would keep trying to fight for justice.