TV travel channel hosts enjoy historic Taipei


TAIPEI–Travel & Living Channel (TLC) hosts Ian Wright and Denise Keller took a short break from filming in Taipei Saturday to walk around in the city’s historic Datong District, where they admired the way the past has been preserved.

“[This district] is part of the history, culture and identity of the city,” said Wright, who has been in Taiwan this month along with Keller to participate in the channel’s local show “Fun Taiwan.”

The two hosts visited the Taipei Xiahai City God Temple on Dihua St., considered one of the most effective for granting lovers’ wishes.

Keller said she wished for a husband who is a good cook, while Wright asked for a pair of “good fortune shoes” for his wife to ensure a continued happy marriage.

The duo also visited tea shops and a traditional market, saying they were impressed by the scenery of the old streets as well as by local cuisine.

Wright said he has had a great time taking part in religious events during the seventh month on the lunar calendar, dubbed “ghost month,” a time when ghosts are said to return to the land of the living.

He enjoyed the Keelung Ghost Festival the most, he said, describing the ritual of burning mock-ups of houses for the deceased on the riverside an unbelievable experience.