A favorite women’s beauty brand reveals plans to expand into local market

By Dimitri Bruyas,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Eternally feminine and taking seductiveness to a whole new level since 1863, Bourjois Paris has led the last 150 years of change and progress with a string of iconic products that have become symbols of the cosmetic industry. In contrast to today’s fast-moving consumer goods brands, the French company’s exceptional longevity has relied on three assets — family ownership, a true Parisian character and an international vision. These assets are still at the center of the company’s management and strategy, as well as its plans to expand into the Asia-Pacific region. “Asia-Pacific markets are extremely different to each other. Consumer profiles, distribution channels and purchasing power vary widely,” Emmanuel Alavoine, Asia-Pacific president at Bourjois Ltd., told The China Post. “What binds (these markets) together, when it comes to Bourjois and to our strategy, is that discerning Asian retailers have known our brand for a long time. They have international experience and exposure, and they are aware of our development in more than 100 countries worldwide,” he added. Such a reputation for quality product development, innovation and the brand’s Paris-style are indeed an asset as today’s consumers can easily check online the latest products of any brand. When new products arrive to the market, Bourjois works closely with local distributors to ensure they follow the guidelines for brand expression and execution that are decided in Paris. With this in mind, Bourjois aims to renew its efforts to distribute its products in all “beauty destinations” in Taiwan, as well as in mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia.

“Thanks to our partnership with Li & Fung, we want to expand our channels and widen the range of products on offer, as we are convinced that Taiwanese consumers will be seduced by our (products’) quality, innovation and range of colors, as much as by our reasonable prices,” he explained.

Such an expansive vision can be a time-consuming task to put into motion, but Bourjois wants to make it happen this year, the company’s 150th anniversary, as it makes sense to make big wishes when you blow your candles out on your cake. “Colors are our leverage and our point of difference,” Alavoine added. “There is still a high potential for mascaras and a large choice of eye liners and eye shadows, with Bourjois offering a profusion of colors.” More importantly, the message of beauty that Bourjois conveys to consumers is not a diktat or a guidebook to look like someone else, especially when it comes to star endorsement. “Our customers buy Bourjois with a distinctive approach, for their own pleasure first, the simplicity of use and the great results of such choices,” he concluded. As Bourjois launches around 100 new shades and products every year, it is readily apparent that Taiwanese women will always be on top of the latest trends from the capital of fashion, Paris, through Bourjois.