Taipei Zoo releases new panda video to promote cub-naming campaign


TAIPEI — Taipei Zoo released a new video of its two-month-old panda Sunday as it tries to drive up votes in an online campaign to name the female cub.

Yuan Yuan, the 9-year-old giant panda that gave birth July 6, is seen in the video having trouble holding her now 4.5-kg cub, nicknamed “Yuanzai,” which means Yuan Yuan’s child in Chinese.

The zoo has designed “dialogues” between Yuan Yuan and Yuanzai in the video, with the cub asking her mother which name will be chosen for her.

A total of 12,774 people had submitted proposed names for the cub, and the zoo announced a short list of six Saturday for an online poll to be conducted from that evening through Oct. 15.

According to the zoo’s website, the cub’s nickname, Yuanzai, had the most votes as of 4 p.m. Sunday, followed by Yuanbao and Yuanzaihua, although the exact numbers of votes were not disclosed.

Although Yuanzai is still unable to crawl or walk, zoo spokeswoman Wu I-shin said she can now move her eyes and follow the keepers’ movements. The cub’s eyes remained closed for 42 days following her birth.

The video can be found on the zoo’s YouTube page at

The public can also go to to vote for the name they like best. The results will be announced Oct. 26.