Bureau leads visit to Dow Chemical Taiwan

By Ted Chen,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Industrial Development Bureau (IDB, 工業局) yesterday led a group of representatives from more than 20 companies to visit the grounds of Dow Chemical Taiwan, to learn from the company’s achievements in environmentally sound industrial operations, representing a testament to its commitment to sustainable corporate governance.

The company bears the distinction as the first foreign firm in Taiwan to receive a “green factory” certification from the government. “The realization of sustainable industrial growth, reduction of energy consumption and carbon emissions is a crucial aspect of Taiwan’s economic development, and we are elated to see Dow Chemical Taiwan’s stellar efforts in the endeavor,” the IDB said.

The envoys toured Dow Chemical Taiwan’s acclaimed eco-friendly manufacturing plant, which features low-emission glass windows that reduce thermal energy diffusion. A majority of the plant’s buildings are built with a large amount of recycled materials, dramatically reducing the volume of concrete and steel used in its design.

In addition, the plant has optimized its production process, slashing annual output of carbon emissions and waste water by 17 and 33 percent respectively. Conservation measures employed include an energy-efficient air conditioning system, innovative barrel design to reduce waste of raw materials during production, and a reclamation program to recycle waste materials as an auxiliary fuel source. The plant also filters and repurposes water collected from its cooling and air conditioning systems, directing the reclaimed waste water into reservoirs for later use.

“The company will continue to strive for innovations in rendering greater value for our clients, while maintaining the highest standards of sustainable industrial growth and keeping environmental impact to a minimal,” said Cliff Chen (陳光民), site leader of semiconductor technologies at Dow Electronic Materials.