Taitung postman Wen’s death remembered


TAIPEI–A ceremony was held Saturday on the banks of the Chihpen River in Taitung County to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the death of local postman Wen Yung-nan, who died when he was swept away during the course of his duties while crossing a bridge destroyed by Typhoon Nora.

After Wen’s death, a statue was erected on the riverside to commemorate him. He was the first postman in Taiwan to have a monument and statue built in his honor. He was also the first mailman in the country to be enshrined at the Martyrs’ Shrine.

During the ceremony, which was presided over by Taitung County Council Deputy Speaker Yao Ching-ling, a ritual was held in which a postman with a bag of mail over his shoulder crossed the Chihpen River and handed over the bag to Tsai Chu-lung, general manager of the Taitung Post Office.

Tsai then stepped forward toward the bronze statue with the mail bag, saying: “My predecessor, your mission has been fulfilled as all the letters have been delivered. We are proud of you.”

Chen Hsing-chuan, the sculptor who made the statue of Wen, also attended at the ceremony. He said the statue is included in the collection of national masterpieces compiled by the Council of Cultural Affairs, which is now the Ministry of Culture, and is named “Glory of Taitung.”