Ma-Wang ice-melt is welcome chance to return to governing

The China Post news staff

One can say that the “September Strife” in Taiwan’s politics has come to a partial resolution with the cooling down and ostentatious rapprochement between President Ma Ying-jeou and Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng on National Day. Ma and Wang “broke the ice,” the media said while fawning over the interaction that the two managed to eek out. Ma and Wang showed respect for each other, with Ma referring to Wang as “our Speaker Wang of the Legislative Yuan” and Wang lavishing praise on what he considers Ma’s accomplishments in office. Coupled with Ma’s decision not to continue appealing against the injunction granted to Wang’s KMT party membership retention, the coming of October has heralded a shift toward legislative business. This is a very much welcome development because while being consumed by scandals, the country can’t deal with the vital tasks of strategic planning and consensus-building, whether it be in the areas of diplomacy, business or the environment. At the same time the U.S. government is shut down, Taiwan has seen the premier and the Cabinet he leads unable to report on the state of government. Fortunately, Taiwan has not had to endure the shut-downs in government service that the U.S. is currently going through. Whatever show the politicians put up should not be given too much attention, because what’s important is the return to proper judicial procedure for the conflict at hand. The injunction governing Wang’s temporary retention of party membership is intended to wait until the lawsuit on whether the KMT’s discipline was improper. Now, the lawsuit can proceed without further inflammatory interruptions.