Macaque on rampage in Yushan Nat’l Park


TAIPEI — Authorities in the Yushan National Park warned visitors Sunday to beware of the Formosan macaques that inhabit the mountainous area, saying that one of them has recently attacked multiple people at a public restroom.

A big strong male monkey has been approaching passersby and biting or scratching them at a restroom at the Shishan service station, according to the authorities.

The authorities cautioned visitors not to get too close to wild animals such as Formosan rock monkeys, since they suffer stress when humans approach them, said Wu Hsiang-chien, deputy head of the Yushan National Park Headquarters.

Anyone who is bitten or scratched is advised to wash the wound for 15 minutes and seek medical attention, Wu said. They might also consider getting rabies shots as there is a risk of rabies spreading among warm-blooded animals in Taiwan.

The monkey at issue is moving about alone and does not stay in one particular place, said Wu. Therefore, the park authorities have set up cage traps to catch the animal and have stepped up patrols to protect visitors, he added.