Young adults offer advice on policy in contest


TAIPEI — Most of the policy advice proposed by young adults in a state-organized contest this year has been taken into consideration by the government, the Ministry of Education said yesterday.

A total of 88 percent of the ideas proposed in this year’s young adult policy development contest, aimed at those between ages 18 and 35, have been taken into account by government agencies, the highest percentage since the contest was launched in 2008, according to the ministry’s Youth Development Administration.

This indicates that young adults are increasingly able to offer policy suggestions that meet the needs of the government, said officials from the administration, which organizes the annual contest.

This year’s contest saw young adults offering suggestions in areas including agricultural development, tourism, transportation, media reform and job security after childbirth.

The advice was given by groups of three to seven young adults.

The winning 10 teams each receive NT$50,000 (US$1,707) in award money and gained the opportunity to meet with top government officials during a one-day event and present their proposals at a national conference focusing on youth policies.

Among the winners are a group of five students who proposed assisting Taiwan’s homeless population through a social enterprise model, which includes the establishment of a resource bank to improve distribution of resources to homeless people and a coffee shop that employs the homeless.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare will include the proposal into its national conference this year on issues related to the homeless and invite the young adults to share their opinions with social workers, the administration said.