Taiwan Tourism Bureau booth draws big crowds at this year’s Taipei ITF

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — When visiting the Taipei International Travel Fair (ITF) this year, you will surely notice an especially colorful corner packed with people participating in fun activities. That’s the Taiwan Tourism Bureau (TTB, 中華民國交通部觀光局) booth, which has outdone itself this year, creating a warm and inviting place to let people plan their trips. This is the TTB’s 21st year at the Taipei ITF, said Joseph Cheng (鄭智鴻), section chief of the TTB’s International Division. Cheng told us that the bureau changed its logo and slogan about two years ago to “Taiwan, Heart of Asia,” and has since been working around that theme. At the beginning of 2013, the TTB issued the Taiwan Tourism Calendar, listing all of Taiwan’s unique cultural events, hoping that apart from the breathtaking scenery and delicious cuisine, visitors will find that Taiwan has much more to offer. “The Taiwan we hope to present to international travelers has cultural events every day, and can touch people’s hearts every day,” said Cheng.

At their booth, they collaborated with Taiwan Tour Bus (台灣觀巴) and Taiwan Trip (台灣好行), in order to assist international travelers with transportation across the island.

For more information, visit www.tbroc.gov.tw