Canadian office in Taipei kicks off food promotion


TAIPEI–The Canadian Trade Office in Taipei (CTOT) announced good news for gourmands looking for natural ingredients Thursday, when it kicked off a food promotion event in Taipei.

Headed by Quentin Glabus, the chef at Canada’s embassy in Beijing, the event brings ingredients from Canada like beef, lobster and maple syrup to the local restaurant Fresh & Aged Italian Steak House.

“When we talk about food, it’s the only actual product that represents culture,” said Allan Edwards, director of trade and investment at the CTOT, at a media gathering.

The 11-day food promotion will let Taiwanese foodies buy Canadian chilled beef at stores run by Mayfull Foods Corp., which have previously sold only frozen beef.

Though it is served at restaurants in Taiwan, Canadian chilled beef is typically not available in supermarkets or stores because of the relatively high cost of the meat, Mayfull Foods explained.