Best picture award was a ‘close race’: Ang Lee


TAIPEI–This year’s Golden Horse Award for Best Feature Film was a close race between two family-based stories, the winner “Ilo Ilo” and “Stray Dogs,” according to the jury chairman Ang Lee.

“Stray Dogs” lost to “Ilo Ilo” by only one vote in the final round of voting, Oscar-winning Taiwanese director Lee told the media after the awards ceremony on Saturday night.

“Ilo Ilo,” written and directed by Singaporean Anthony Chen, tells the story of a Singaporean family affected by the financial crisis in Southeast Asia in the 1990s. Occupied with their problems, the family hires a Filipino nanny to look after their young son. The film, Chen’s debut feature, centers on the close bond that gradually develops between the son and the nanny. It was a film that not a single judge disliked, Lee said, describing it as being fresh with “very good technique.”

“Compared with the others, it seemed effortless. It was a movie the grabbed your heart from the beginning and held it to the end,” said Lee, a two-time best director Oscar winner.

“It wasn’t my number one, to be honest, but it was close,” he disclosed.

Lee told local newspapers that his top pick was “Stray Dogs,” Taiwan-based Malaysian Tsai Ming-liang’s film about a homeless single father who struggles to survive on the streets of Taipei with his two children.