Deputy defense chief’s son to return in Dec. for military service

By Joseph Yeh ,The China Post

Taiwan’s new Deputy Defense Minister Andrew Hsia (夏立言) on Friday provided reassurance that his son will return to the country next month to perform his compulsory military service. “My son will be leaving the United States later this month and will return to Taiwan in early December to undergo a physical examination before beginning his military service,” Hsia told reporters in Taipei. Dismissing criticism that his 32-year-old son deliberately dodged service for years, Hsia said that his son’s job in the U.S. prevented him from coming back to Taiwan. “Now he is ready to return to Taiwan to fulfill his duty,” Hsia added. The 63-year-old career diplomat, Taiwan’s former top envoy to Indonesia, was tapped to take over the post in the Defense Ministry in late October.

Local media later discovered that Hsia’s son stayed overseas and has not yet returned to Taiwan to serve in the military. Meanwhile, the foreign ministry yesterday announced that Hsia’s vacancy in Indonesia will be filled by Taiwan’s representative in Israel, Chang Liang-jen (張良任). Chang, formerly a Taiwanese representative to Hong Kong and a former deputy defense minister, has served as top envoy to Israel since January 2012.