Affairs website Ashley Madison to be launched in Taiwan

By Joy Lee, The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Ashley Madison, the Canada-based website that provides services for married and non-single people who are interested in having affairs, will officially be launched in Taiwan by the end of November.

Ashley Madison, founded in 2002 under the slogan, “Life is short, have an affair,” has been launched in 30 countries worldwide and hosts around 22 million members. Noel Niderman, founder and CEO of the website, is now aiming for Taiwan to be the third country in Asia, preceded by Hong Kong and Japan, to officially launch the controversial but popular website. “I understand that each country has its own unique culture, including Taiwan,” said Biderman. “However, the patterns of having affairs for people in different cultures are similar, so I am confident that the website will be a success in Taiwan, just like it is in other countries.” “The website mainly targeted women who are married or in a relationship, because the idea that women can have affairs has gradually gained acceptance in many cultures, and Ashley Madison provides the most secure and anonymous platforms for people who seek affairs,” said Biderman. According to Biderman, even though having an affair is not the best thing to do, it could be one way to save a marriage for some.

“The feeling of being lonely is horrible for single people, but the feeling is even worse for married people because they could feel like they are trapped in a world with nowhere to go to.” said Biderman. “Ashley Madison provides a service and platform for people who are not single and seek excitement to have an opportunity to enjoy what they are looking for but still want to keep their marriages or families that they love and are not willing to lose,” said Biderman.

According to Biderman, the website is free for female members, while it charges membership fees for male members. “Most women love the feeling of being pursued and being wanted, so they tend to be more passive,” said Biderman. “Therefore, we hope to attract more women to join this platform by providing free memberships and also attract more male members by having more female members.” According to Biderman, 83,000 people joined Ashley Madison in the first two weeks after the website’s official launch in Hong Kong, and on average about 1,200 individuals become new members every day in Hong Kong.

“Ashley Madison has been receiving tens and thousands of requests to log into the website from Taiwan’s computer IP addresses, so I expect to have over 1 million registered members three months after the website is launched in Taiwan and over 2 million registered members a year after the launch,” said Biderman.