NTU responds to former minister’s criticism

By John Liu ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — In response to criticism by former Minister of Health Yaung Chih-liang’s (楊志良), National Taiwan University (NTU) said yesterday that it respects opposing opinions, but achievements of its alumni should not be neglected. Yaung recently posted an article online titled “National Taiwan University should be held guilty by countrypeople.” He pointed out that Taiwan’s most recent three presidents, numerous ministers, and Cabinet heads were all graduates of NTU, and under their “cooperation,” Taiwan has progressed from its position as the champion of the four Asian Tigers — South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan — to the bottom of the four. Despite surging housing prices, investors are not paying taxes on speculative investments. Meanwhile, real earnings in Taiwan have dropped to the same level as 16 years ago. Yaung asked why NTU, the institution that produces these government officials, shouldn’t apologize to the nationals of Taiwan. As NTU President Yang Pan-chyr (楊泮池) was currently traveling abroad for meetings and was unable to comment, NTU Secretary-General Lin Ta-te (林達德) responded to Yaung’s criticism on behalf of the school.

Lin said that while NTU respects various voices, the fact that NTU has produced a number of graduates who made significant achievements in different fields is unquestionable; nevertheless, the school will continue to expand its humanitarian efforts and focus on social responsibility. Lin pointed out that a social contribution award was created for the first time this year. This is a demonstration that the school hopes to develop a humanitarian attitude among its students, Lin added.