Ex-soldier charged over inseminated toothbrush

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office yesterday indicted a recently discharged solider under charges of invading a female platoon leader’s bedroom and putting semen on her toothbrush. The indictment said the 20-year-old man surnamed Yang was found trespassing in a female platoon leader’s bedroom inside an army unit on Nov. 11, one day before his scheduled discharge from the same unit after completing his compulsory service on Nov. 12. During his stay in the leader’s bedroom, the man masturbated and put his semen on his superior’s toothbrush, prosecutors said. The platoon leader later found the semen on her toothbrush. She reported the case to police and sent semen samples for examination.

The authorities ultimately found that Yang was responsible for the misconduct, the indictment said. During the investigation, Yang admitted to prosecutors that he did so as an act of vengeance against the married platoon leader because he believed he was not treated fairly under her command, the indictment said. He expressed regret for his behavior and wished to offer an apology to the platoon leader. But the apology was rejected, with the officer insisting on having him indicted for trespassing, it said.