MOFA maintains Russia travel alert after bombing


TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) said yesterday it is maintaining its travel alert for Russia in the wake of bombing attacks in the city of Volgorad. The yellow travel alert, the second-highest on the ministry’s four-color scale, advises people to reconsider any travel plans to Russia and pay special attention to their safety if they must go there.

MOFA spokeswoman Anna Kao said Taiwan’s representative office in Moscow has been following the situation closely and has reported that no Taiwanese nationals have been affected.

The office will continue to keep a close eye on the situation, Kao said.

Over the past few days, dozens of people have been killed in a series of blasts in Volgorad, which lies 900 km south of Moscow, according to international media reports.

Volgorad is located some 650 km northeast of Sochi, where the 2014 Winter Olympic Games will be held in February. Russian President Vladimir Putin has put the country on high alert as it prepares to host the Winter Olympics.

Currently, there are about 20 Taiwanese businesspeople and 200-plus Taiwanese students living in the Russian capital of Moscow, according to MOFA data.