E-commerce platform providers preparing for Chinese New Year


TAIPEI–Taiwan’s e-commerce platform providers have prepared more items targeted at Chinese New Year shoppers as they aim to boost sales ahead of the festival.

Popular shopping platform operator PChome Store Inc. said it has prepared 5,400 different types of snacks and drinks — 40 percent more than last year — from over 22 countries.

“Online shopping has become one of the major channels for the Lunar New Year shopping season. It saves time and the trouble of carrying goods and lining up,” said Tsai Kai-wen, vice president of PChome e-commerce.

Sales of Lunar New Year products, especially food and drinks, over the past two weeks have grown by 30 percent from the previous two weeks, he added.

In addition, PChome has doubled its stock of seasonal products from last year, as it aims to provide a “comprehensive one-stop shopping service,” he said.

The company this weekend stepped out of the virtual world to set up booths at the bustling new year market on Taipei’s Dihua Street to promote its services.

Other shopping sites, including Yahoo Kimo, Momoshop, GoHappy and udn shopping, have also set up sections for online Lunar New Year shopping.