Family of deceased TRA driver to get extra NT$2 mil.

By Joy Lee ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Ministry of Civil Service (MCS) yesterday said that late Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) driver Tsai Chung-hui’s (蔡崇輝) family is qualified to receive an extra NT$2 million in compensation for Tsai’s running a risk to save lives.

Minister of Civil Service Chang Che-shen (張哲琛) said that a group that was in charge of investigating questionable compensation cases for civil servants who die on the job concluded that late Taroko Express driver Tsai who died on the job is qualified for compensation.

Chang said that the MCS immediately decided that Tsai’s family can receive an extra NT$2 million in compensation on top of the compensation that his family already accepted.

The MCS also denied reports that the ministry refused to hand out any compensation to Tsai’s family after they determined he could have escaped in time before the train accident took place.

According to the MCS, based on the forensic report, Tsai could have left the driver’s room when he saw a truck parking on a railroad crossing, but he chose to hit the horn to warn the truck and all the tourists on the platform in the train station, an action that does not conform to the standard operating procedures of train operators.

The MCS said that according to this report, Tsai’s action has been categorized as running a risks to save lives and his family can receive extra compensation.

According to the MCS, the TRA did not submit any information suggesting that Tsai was running a risk to save lives, so the ministry initially debated Tsai’s qualification for extra compensation.

After the TRA submitted more evidence, the MCS said, the ministry discussed the matter again on Jan. 15 and concurred that Tsai died on the job after running a risk to save lives.