Legislative Yuan to be recalled: Premier

By Lauly Li ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Premier Jiang Yi-huah (江宜樺) yesterday announced that the Cabinet will exercise the right of reconsideration in the Legislative Yuan over the recently passed amendment to the Land Administration Agent Act. Jiang said the Executive Yuan will hold a meeting today to pass the reconsideration proposal and tender it to the Legislature. According to the R.O.C. Constitution, if the Executive Yuan issue a reconsideration order while the Legislative Yuan is in recess, the Legislature must hold an extra session within seven days of receiving the order and decide whether or not they will stick with their original decision regarding the bill within 15 days after the session is held. The premier said the newly amended regulation stipulates that should a land administration agent register false house-trading information or delay reporting the information on the government’s website, instead of being fined immediately he or she can correct the mistake within seven days or within 15 days, depending on the individual case.

New Regulation Would Affect Housing Market Noting that the amendment could potentially be exploited by “dishonest people,” Jiang said this article could shatter the core value of the policy on reporting actual housing trading prices and influence the nation’s real estate market. Jiang further explained that if land administration agents could register false trading prices and amend their mistakes after being discovered, then the public will lose faith in the government platform for checking actual housing prices. The premier stressed that the government does not have sufficient manpower to inspect every housing price registration, and people would have troubles finding correct information due to the seven or 15 days allowed for correction, and the housing market would be severely affected.